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Management Liability

Covers liabilities for managing your business.


Directors and officers liability
Company liability
Employment practices liability
Statutory liability
Tax audit



Business owners
Trustees and others

What is Management Liability Insurance?

Management Liability insurance is designed to protect your company and its management team from legal action and losses.

Directors and officers can also be held personally liable for management decisions, putting their personal assets at risk. This policy not only covers the costs to investigate and defend allegations of wrongdoing in the running of your company, but also pays settlements and fines. Corporate liability includes exposures such as pollution defence, OH&S defence, crisis, and breach of contract.

Management liability claims are made by clients, suppliers, competitors, employees, and government agencies.

This policy is flexible. The cover can be tailored to meet your needs. Each cover section is also available as a stand-alone policy.

Key benefits
icon legal defense
Covers legal fees including settlements
icon directors
Cover for directors, officers and the company
icon tailored
Tailored solutions to suit your needs
icon lifetime cover
Lifetime cover for retired directors

What costs are covered by Management Liability Insurance?

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Individual defence costs, damages and settlements

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Outside directorship costs

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Individual asset and liability costs

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Investigation costs

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Public relations expenses

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Extradition costs for individuals

Why do you need our tailored cover?

Here's an example:


Sally is the Director of Martini construction which has 25 members of staff.

A former employee who went through a disciplinary process with the business has lodged a claim for unfair dismissal. Sally is named in the statement of claim as well as Martini Constructions.

Because Martini Constructions has a Management Liability policy, the Employment Practices section will respond to the claim defending both Sally as a Director and Martini Constructions.

Advice from our experts:

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In periods of economic downturn, companies must remain vigilant in their efforts to prevent or minimise employment practices claims.

Joe Keiper Southern Region Manager

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