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Business Interruption Insurance

Keeping your business up and running.

Cover for

Loss of revenue, income or rent
Payment of fixed costs
Cost of relocating to a temporary location
Extra costs incurred to support your business
Payment of wages (if required)

What is Business Interruption Insurance?

Business interruption insurance can help make sure your business keeps running after an unexpected event.

Most businesses have ongoing expenses that you need to pay even if you’re not able to operate such as staff wages, supplier invoices, rent or loan repayments.

Business interruption insurance can get you through a temporary crisis by protecting your cashflow – so you can pay these expenses and help ensure the future of your business.

The cover is arranged by reviewing your business and establishing an agreed ‘gross profit’ margin. It is provided for a specified period known as an ‘indemnity period’ and can range from 6 months up to 24 months (or even higher if required). You can also choose those things you do not want to cover.

Key benefits
icon tailored
Cover specific to your business
icon finance
Insurers make interim payments to keep your business solvent
icon damaged premises
Ensures your business will survive when your premises are damaged
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Provides certainty and enables you to concentrate on your business

Why do you need this policy?

Here's an example:


Darren, a cabinet maker rents one of a small group of five factory’s in an industrial estate.

Overnight one of the other tenants has a fire which unfortunately spreads into Darren's business damaging stock and contents. He was unable to work while the building was undergoing repairs and also required some vital tools to be replaced.

With Business Interruption Insurance, Darren can continue to pay his bills. He can even relocate to a temporary location and continue to work to ensure his customers receive their orders on time.

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This cover is often overlooked but is essential for the health and wellbeing of your business. It is both practical and pragmatic, and we will advise you on the right level of cover to protect your business against unexpected and catastrophic events.

Joe Keiper Southern Region Manager

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