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Trade Credit Insurance

Protecting your key debts.

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What is Trade Credit Insurance?

Trade Credit Insurance is the only way to truly protect your cash flow if you sustain a significant bad debt.

Unfortunately, bad debts continue to be a growing problem in the building and construction industry. Recent instances have again seen contractors 'left in the lurch' when an unexpected insolvency has occurred.

We have developed Trade Credit Insurance to address the needs of contractors in response to recent insolvency issues in the industry.

Our Trade Credit Insurance product is extremely flexible and will underwrite up to 90% of your deemed exposure. There are no restrictions on business turnover, and the credit limits will move as your business changes.

Whether you've experienced a significant bad debt in the past or you're potentially exposed to substantial financial loss from one of your customers, builders, developers or principals, you can select a Trade Credit Insurance policy that is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Key benefits
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No restrictions on business turnover
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Protects your accounts receivable
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Potential to increase credit terms to your existing clients
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Lowers risk of mounting debt from major clients

Do you need to protect your key debts?

Does half of your cashflow come from one or two major clients?
Could increasing credit terms to existing clients grow your business?
Is your income protected from potential bad debts?
Could you benefit from credit information about potential customers or contractors?

Seems like insuring to protect your key debts might not be a good fit for your business.

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Why do you need this policy?

Here's an example:


Richard, the CFO of an air-conditioning services company, wanted to protect their cash flow from the builders who used their services, so they took out Trade Credit Insurance.

Subsequently, one of his builders went into administration and left his company as an unsecured creditor, owing $345,000.

Richard claimed on their Trade Credit policy ensuring that their cashflow was protected and they did not have to borrow to keep the business going.

Advice from our experts:

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When taking out a Trade Credit Policy, it enables your business to gain knowledge of prospective clients through the resources of your insurer. It gives you creditworthiness reports on prospective and existing clients which may even allow you to increase your trading terms.

Joe Keiper Southern Region Manager

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