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Statutory Liability Insurance

Protect against allegations of wrongful breaches of key legislation.

Cover for

Legal expenses
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Business owners
Trustees and others

What is Statutory Liability Insurance?

A Statutory Liability policy offers protection for the costs and expenses incurred by official investigations or inquiries against your business for allegations of wrongful breaches of key legislation in the course of business.

Within the building and construction industry, the most common claims arise from alleged violations of either workplace health and safety laws or environmental laws.

Coverage typically includes the costs and legal expenses incurred from the official investigation, with any subsequent fines and penalties also currently covered under most circumstances. Exceptions include fines and penalties associated with dishonest or deliberate wrongful breaches, and gross negligence or recklessness.

Workplace injuries are, unfortunately, far too common in the construction industry. Should a significant injury occur, the legal costs related to defending a formal investigation and prosecution can be very costly. Without statutory liability insurance cover, many small to mid-sized builders would struggle to recover financially from the costs associated with defending a breach of workplace health and safety legislation.

Statutory Liability cover can be obtained through a packaged ‘Management Liability’ policy, or on a stand-alone basis.

Key benefits
icon legal defense
Covers legal costs
icon directors
Cover for directors and officers and the company
icon tailored
Tailored solutions to suit your needs
icon workplace injuries
Covers alleged violations of workplace health and safety laws

Why do you need this policy?

Here's an example:


An apprentice builder was working from heights on a construction site when the scaffold rail failed, and he fell and later died in hospital.

It was alleged that the apprentice's Employer failed in their duty of care to provide a safe workplace and could potentially face a fine of $250,000.

The employers Insurer appointed solicitors to represent them, and even though they were found liable, the Insurer helped significantly reduce the fine to $50,000.

While the fine is not covered by insurance, the investigations and defence costs were and amounted to $80,000.

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With so many pieces of legislation surrounding a company director or employer’s responsibilities and what you could be held liable for, it is important to know your risks and keep up to date with changes to the legislation

Joe Keiper Southern Region Manager

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