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Income Protection

Protect your most valuable asset.

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Loss of income

What is Income Protection Insurance?

Your ability to earn a future income is often your most valuable asset, so you must consider protecting it as you would your vehicle, home and business.

Income Protection Insurance pays you a benefit if you are unable to work for an extended period due to injury or sickness. It is particularly important for self-employed people, small business owners or professionals whose business relies heavily on their ability to work.

As we are not a life insurance broker, we have partnered with Wheeler Financial Advisers to offer you a complete solution for your Income Protection & Life Insurance needs. To find out more about Income Protection Insurance, please visit the Wheeler Financial Advisers.



Why do you need this policy?

Here's an example:


Mark, a carpenter in his mid-20s, had recently become self-employed and was keen to have his income protected.

Through the process of advice, an amount of Life and Trauma cover were also included in his policy. Two years later, Mark was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer.

Alongside receiving his monthly Income Protection claim payment, a further $50,000 lump sum was paid via his Trauma Cover. Mark has since made a 100% recovery and is fully back on the tools.

Advice from our experts:

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We understand the importance of insuring our homes and cars, while our greatest asset is our ability to generate an income. If you owned the Golden Goose that laid Golden Eggs, which would you protect... the Goose or Egg?

Luke Hueston Chief Executive Officer

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