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We know Contract Works Insurance is a vital if you own, run or manage a construction site, but having the right policy can make all the difference.
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Are you covered for water damage caused by failed waterproofing?

Many contract works & liability policies completely exclude the cost of repairing future damage caused by defects in construction which can often be $50k or more.

Coverage is available, which excludes the cost of the defect (ie the waterproofing) but covers the damage which has occurred as a result of the defect.
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Are your tools covered for what they're worth?

Having the wrong policy could cost you $5k-$12k in the settlement amount for a $30k tools theft claim.

Policies are available that provide 2 years 'new for old' insured values for tools, with favourable depreciation figures for items older than 2 years.
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Are you covered for homeowners accessing their build prior to practical completion?

With many Contract Works policies, allowing a small portion of your build to be 'put into use' can cease cover altogether.

Policies are available that are not prejudiced by partial occupancy or being put into use, ceasing cover at practical completion/handover, which typically aligns with your contracts.



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Depending on the insurer, there can be 10–20 differences between Contract Works policies. Each difference has the potential to expose you to significant losses depending on your individual situation.

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