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Terms of Trade

An overview of our relationship as you broker.

1. The Responsibilities of MBIB Clients

In order to provide effective and efficient service, MBIB will rely on our clients to comply with your statutory obligations, including your duty of disclosure in the provision of information. That is, you will be required to disclose all material facts that the insurer would deem necessary to make an informed decision when determining the terms, conditions and/or the acceptance of the risk.

This duty is owed to the insurer at all times during the term of the policy including extension, variation, reinstatement or renewal of the policy. Non-disclosure or misrepresentation of facts may result in the policy being rendered void or claims under the policy being denied or not met in full.


2. Remuneration of MBIB

MBIB is remunerated in the following ways:

  • Commissions paid by Insurers

  • Broking Service Fees paid by Clients

  • A combination of Commissions and Broking Service Fees

MBIB' remuneration for performing services and providing advice is subject to review on an annual basis, or as otherwise determined if the services required by our Clients change.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is added where MBIB is liable.

Should MBIB use another Insurance Broker to assist in the placement of your insurance, MBIB will disclose all fees and charges applicable to those policies. Some charges may in additional to the remuneration sought by MBIB.


3. Insurer's Security and Claims

Unless requested to do so in writing from our Clients, MBIB will only place insurance with those recognised as Authorised Insurers in accordance with the criteria established by APRA.

However, whilst being licenced insurers, MBIB does not guarantee the solvency of any insurer.


4. Liability

If MBIB causes any loss to our client, then MBIB is only liable to the extent that its conduct caused or contributed to the loss.

If the loss is caused by any action or no action of our client, then MBIB' liability, which may be nil, is to the extent to which our client caused the loss.



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